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1 Night/s


Reservation Form

Upon receiving your booking request, our reservation staff will send the confirmation form via email to be filled up by the requesting party and should emailed to minesviewparkhotel@yahoo.com

Our reservation method is pre paid basis. This means the full payment should be paid to Mines View Park Hotel. If for any reason payment has not been given in full on its due date, the hotel reserves the right to release your booking automatically. Official Receipts shall be issued on all payments made to Mines View Park Hotel. This reservation confirmation form must be presented at the front office upon arrival or check in.


Payment can be done through bank.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be done via phone or email within 24 hours other wise, payments to Mines View Park Hotel shall be automatically forfeited. For peak periods, Mines View Park Hotel observes Non-refund policy on all deposits and payments made to Mines View Park Hotel. Relatively, No Refunds Shall be allowed after check in.